Berkshire to Birchstone

From Berkshire to Birchstone

In 2001, Family Affair Ministries received an invitation to establish our presence at Panarama apartments, soon to be known as Berkshire Place apartments. This invitation came from First Cumberland Properties, who had heard of our work with families in James Cayce Homes. While they could renovate the property themselves, they recognized the value of our support in uplifting the residents and sought our assistance. We accepted the invitation and remained there for 23 years.

Now, we are preparing to transition to Birchstone Village Apartments, a new complex designed for the residents of Berkshire. Our journey over the past 23 years has been remarkable. We’ve witnessed families experience restoration, seen a mere complex transform into a thriving community, and utilized the love bestowed upon us by God, along with the support of families, friends, volunteers, churches, and city leaders, all working together as God’s hand extended.

While First Cumberland Properties initially welcomed us into Berkshire, it is now Trent Development, representing the next generation, leading us into the promised land—the model for future endeavors. We invite you to walk alongside us as we step into the future and see what it holds.

“I believe that this model can be duplicated all across the country and all across the world.”

Michael W. Smith

The Family Center serves as a means for Family Affair Ministries to connect with the community, offer resources to families, and extend God’s love to all who enter.

The Family Center at Berkshire Place Apartments , formerly Panarama Apartments, built in 2001.

The new Family Center and leasing office currently being built at Birchstone Village.

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