FAM Incorporated

Family Affair Ministries, Incorporated, is a 501c3 non-profit, faith based organization located in Nashville, TN.

**Due to the high demand for rental assistance, we are out of funds presently to assist with rent at this time.**

However, we are still able to provide food bags, hygiene items and cleaning supplies. Please do not hesitate to call or visit our website should you require food and/or cleaning supplies.

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Our Mission

“Restoring Families… Rebuilding Communities… Through God’s Hand Extended."

Our Purpose

To serve broken and impoverished families by providing guidance along with support systems they need for complete family restoration.

Our Goal

To move families from a life of poverty to a life of productivity and success.

Our Approach

Our approach to family restoration and community rebuilding is like the "One-Stop-Shop System" designed to destroy the systemic external and internal elements that sustain poverty.

Our Background:

In August 1988, God placed a vision in the heart of Glenda Gleaves and began to minister the importance and power of the family in Christ. Glenda says, “God has a sense of humor”, He called her to minister to families after her first marriage ended horribly. The vision God gave Glenda is multi-faceted and includes bridging the gap between race, gender, social and economic class, and religious denominations. The vision encompasses all that is needed for individual, family and community change. In 1989, Glenda and her sons came to Nashville and acquired housing in James A. Cayce Homes, the city’s largest housing project. Moved by the overwhelming family needs in Cayce, Glenda and her boys began ministering and offering support to children, single mothers and grandmothers raising their grandchildren. Glenda taught the young mothers how to budget, plan meals, and shop for groceries. With assistance from her sons, they helped the children with reading and other school work. As years past, more children and their families came, and in 1998 Family Affair Ministries Fellowship was established. Glenda married Dair Sutton in 1999 and in March 2000, Family Affair Ministries, Inc. (FAM) was established and incorporated as a 501c3. FAM provides resources to East Nashville families through the operation of the Family Center at Berkshire Place Apartments.  We believe that the Family Center at Berkshire Place is a successful model that is easily replicated and provides a road map for successful family centers.

Board of Directors

Tony Roper


Herman Miller

Joe Ivory Johnson

vice chair

City of Tullahoma

Franklin D. Brabson


Attorney at Law

stanley Henderson Jr.


Happy Home Services

Deborah Martinez


Bodecker Foundation

Danielle Spence


Veterans Affairs

Our Advisors

Nelson Dixon, III


Ann Severance


Michael W. & Debbie Smith

Christian Recording Artist

Susan Tropez-Sims

Meharry Medical College Pediatrics

Our Partnerships

Over the years, we have partnered with several organizations toward the fulfillment of our mission

New River Fellowship, the Center for Student Missions and Church of the Redeemer have walked along side of us for more than 15 years. They have embraced the mission and have truly been God’s Hand Extended.