Dair & Glenda Sutton
– Senior Pastors –

Meet Our Pastors

Dair and Glenda Gleaves Sutton jointly serve as Senior Pastors of Family Affair Ministries Fellowship. The fellowship began its journey in August 1998 within James Cayce Homes. In November 1999, Dair and Glenda united in marriage and have since been inseparable partners in ministry. Pastor Glenda is dedicated to scriptural exploration and imparting the Word of God, while Pastor Dair oversees the administrative aspects of the ministry. Together, they form a dynamic duo, each contributing their God-given talents to fulfill the mission of Restoring Families, Rebuilding Communities, Through God’s Hand Extended.

Throughout their 24 years together, they have provided sustenance to the hungry, clothing to the needy, and shelter to many. Collaborating with various ministries, they have strived to manifest the Kingdom of God within the church, community, city, and beyond state borders. As shepherds after God’s own heart, they are intentional about exemplifying kingdom living through their actions, words, lifestyle, and generosity. The Suttons are committed to practicing what they preach, desiring that those who follow in their footsteps find them faithful in serving God’s congregation far and wide. Their ultimate aspiration is to witness the realization of God’s Kingdom.

Pastor Glenda Sutton’s Story

Pastor Glenda Gleaves Sutton, like every born again believer, has a date of birth and a date of rebirth known as the born again experience. From the time of being born again, she has set herself to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, so that all the rest could be added at the appointed time(Matthew 6:33). And she did. She now serves as Founder and CEO of Family Affair Ministries, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit organization located in East Nashville, TN, alongside her husband Dair Sutton.

In 1988, while working in Avon Park, Florida as an Air Traffic Controller, Glenda began to feel compelled to teach others the simplicity of God’s love. Her then pastor, Elder Clarence Black of Antioch Temple Church of God in Christ (also in Avon Park, FL) confirmed this desire she felt to indeed be the prompting of the Holy Spirit of God. Glenda’s desire for God’s righteous was more than a mere “feeling” and exploded from every area of her life. He, nor anyone she encountered, could deny the calling of God on her life. Elder Black, seeing the Fruit of the Spirit taking very deep root in Glenda, then licensed her to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He afterward instructed her to prepare for a journey that would change life as she knew it forever – and change it did.

She and her two boys left all of the comforts of a place called home to pursue a place called grace. Asked of God to trust Him, they boarded a Greyhound bus after giving away all of their belongings except for 7 days’ worth of clothing. Asked of God to seek Him in the Nashville Women’s Rescue Mission (homeless shelter), she and her sons submitted, living there for 21 days. Asked of God to be his hands extended in the public housing arena, she did; she and her sons lived in James Cayce Homes for 10 years. The ministry of reaching and teaching the poor began on the day that they moved in.

Ten years into the call, she met and married her husband Dair Sutton, who came and caught the vision and walked with her. God raised a team of awesome men and women who also caught the vision and helped her walk it out. Glenda has always believed God for the fulfillment of his promises, and all the promises of God are “Yes and Amen” (2 Corinthians 1:20).  Glenda is a true servant of God. Her soul’s desire is to be used for His service while remaining as clay in the master potter’s hands.